AI Magic Mirror

This project is experimental and can be slow on smartphones. Your feedbacks on our social media would be very much appreciated.
The AI rates human physical beauty from 0 to 10 for webcam or image files containing a person. Drag & Drop is enabled on the image area.
By using this algorithm, you agree not to use the results for discrimination , or any other purposes of that kind.
We encourage not to use this application if you have physical self-esteem issues as results may be disappointing, the algorithm can be rough and can also be very incorrect.
Your image files or webcam images never go on our servers.
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HYUGEN Melanom A.I.

HYUGEN Melanom A.I. is a web application which aims to provide a free or cheap way to visually analyze moles online. In case of a doubt, you should consult a dermatologist. The system outputs the estimated risk for the mole to be a melanoma. The possibilities are neutral, risk and high risk .
  • If you think there is a risk for the mole to be a melanoma, consult a dermatologist
  • If the system outputs that there is a risk, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist if you have a doubt
Information The mole should be centered, well lit, the image shouldn't be blurry, the skin shouldn't be pulled or stretched. The mole should have the same size as in the sample picture.
Warning This application can't rely on information like the size of the mole or your personal risk (which depends on age, heredity etc.). This application may be slow on some smartphones.
Skin Cancer Detection App

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