Commitment to sustainable development

No company should start in 2020 without having a sustainable development plan.

We aim at working at home exclusively. We will not take planes for non-vital business reasons. We do not want to build large buildings to host our company.

The surplus of emissions from our company's everyday work would be close to 0 because we will mainly use electricity as a source of energy which is decarbonated in France.
We will buy as few hardware as necessary, it will mainly be imported from China to France. The rest of our emissions is shared by all companies and every people: We need trucks to transport the food we eat. We need houses or apartments to live in. We need some clothes to dress ourselves.

Once we have the AGI, we aim at using it in part for sustainable development. It includes working on economical or political strategies to reduce greenhouse emissions. It also includes working on research and development on subject like fusion reactor. At no point our use of the AGI should reduce the well-being of humanity on the long term. If this was the case, the project would cease immediately.