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Requests must be in english. You can use DeepL or GoogleTranslate to translate your request.
Requests should be formulated as a simple sentence describing the content you want.
Example: "A beautiful landscape with mountains, a river and flowers"
There is no guarantee on how long the images you generated will be saved in the web application.
If you don't want to lose these images, you must use the download (arrow down) button.
You can generate new images without watermarks by using the paid options.
You'll receive a premium code.
You can enter this code clicking the [] arrow next to the request "Send" message to generate watermarked-free images.
Common errors in generation include: deformed small faces, missing or extra limbs, texts on screen, etc.
You can report other errors on the subreddit.
We are very happy to see your best results! You can share them on twitter with #snowchimera and on our subreddit!
We will distribute free premium code to the best results we see!
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