Privacy policy

Our company does not collect your personal data except if it's otherwise specified on a product we created. Either way we won't collect personal data you didn't explicitly allowed us to use during a formal registration procedure.

MelanomIA Privacy Policy

(1) On which basis do we collect your data?
  • We retrieve the data you transmit to us on the basis of your consent when you accept our terms of use.
  • We retrieve the data you transmit to us in order to respect our part of the contract when you subscribe to one of our offers.
  • We retrieve automatically transmitted data in order to make the technical services you request from our company work as well as possible.
(2) How do we obtain your consent?
  • Your consent is retrieved upon registration by the clear affirmative action of checking the acceptance of our terms of use.
(3) What kind of data collection am I consenting to?
  • Collection of technical data allowing the operation of the application
  • Operations intended to respect a contract when you subscribe to one of our offers (including: providing the service to you, allowing you to opt out, assisting you in using the service, etc.).
  • Commercial operations (sending emails, promotional offers, etc.) when you give your explicit consent.
(4) Information about my consent
  • Our company Hyugen is based in France and can be contacted with the gmail address "". In, replace "user" with ""
  • Out activities aim at providing recommendations for skin conditions
  • These recommendations can be provided by algorithms, this process, when it is the result of an algorithm, can be assimilated to an automated decision making
  • The results you get have no impact on the services we provide to you
  • The results you obtain are not shared with other individuals or entities
  • Results you get are not a medical diagnosis, they are recommendations
  • These recommendations only aim at convincing you to act if it is recommended, but never at detering you from seeking for a medical advice if required
  • You may revoke the consent you have provided to us at any time by requesting the deletion of your account
  • Questions concerning the processing of your data should be addressed to the gmail address indicated above or in the contact section.
(5) What data do we recover?
  • The emails, surnames, first names and ages that you provide to us or that are provided to us by an external operator who has obtained your consent (example: login with the Google service).
  • The password that you provide us, in an encrypted way
  • The dates of the operations you perform on our website (registrations, login, use of the application etc.).
  • Informations required to process the payment of offers (we do not save credit card numbers)
  • The images you send to us as part of the Premium offer with an explicit agreement for each image, and only those transmitted in this context
  • Information relating to each use of the application, with the sole aim of providing you with better and more efficient services:
    • The algorithm used
    • Results coming from the algorithm
    • Duration of algorithm analysis
    • Device used and derived information
    • Web browser used and related information
  • Your IP or an encrypted derivative of your IP, in order to provide a service of equal quality for all and to identify the validity of the operations you perform
  • In the case of a login from an external account, an identifier associated with this external account (example: Login with Google)