Terms of use

You agree not to use our services for unsafe or illegal purposes.
All our content, including the content we made on this website, are copyrighted. The files you download from our server when reaching this website are for your personal use only, except for a partnership. You may not, in any manner whatsoever, sell or otherwise make commercial use of the content we create, except for a partnership.

MelanomIA Terms of Use

(1) Services we provide to you
  • The use of a web application for getting recommendations based on a visual information related to your skin
  • The storage and indexing of your photos only within the context of a premium service and an agreement given separately and explicitly for each photo , (verifiable and auditable with network monitoring softwares)
(2) Conditions you agree to
  • You accept our privacy policy
  • You accept the conditions and compensations of the offer you select
  • You accept to not communicate misinformation about the performances of the algorithm in particular et precisely outside of a regular use (animal skin, corrupted images, images not focused on skin etc.)
  • You agree not to consider the results of the algorithm as a medical decision, including but not limited to:
    • You read the information below relating to the ABCDE criteria
    • You consult a dermatologist if you have a skin-related issue corresponding to the ABCDE criteria
    • You value the ABCDE criteria more than the results of the app
    • You don't use the recommendation of the algorithm to cancel or avoid a medical appointment
    • You follow image examples guidelines which are indicated on the application page
  • Creating an account is the same as subscribing to the free offer
  • The API limits for the free offer are on a per-household basis
  • Vous considérez que les critères ABCDE ont une valeur supérieure au résultat de l'application
  • Vous n'utilisez pas la décision de l'algorithme pour renoncer à rendez-vous médical
  • Vous vous conformez aux exemples d'images conformes et inconformes indiqués sur la page de l'application